A Vegan's Delight at Horno: Exploring Santa Fe's Culinary Gems

A Vegan's Delight at Horno: Exploring Santa Fe's Culinary Gems

At White Buffalo Vegan Apparel, we're not just about creating stylish and eco-friendly vegan clothing; we're also passionate about celebrating the vibrant vegan lifestyle. Recently, we stumbled upon a true gem that caters to our plant-based preferences - Horno, a gastropub located in the heart of Santa Fe Plaza. Join us as we take you on a culinary journey through our delightful experience at Horno.

A Warm Welcome to Horno:

Situated in the picturesque Santa Fe Plaza, Horno may not initially strike you as a vegan haven, but don't be fooled by appearances. This traditional restaurant surprised us with a handful of delectable vegan options on their menu, making it a must-visit for any traveling vegan in the area.

HORNO FOCACCIA - A Vegan Bread Lover's Dream:
Our culinary adventure at Horno began with their delightful HORNO FOCACCIA. This fully vegan bread was generously infused with herbs, garlic, and olive oil, delivering a tantalizing aroma that whet our appetites. The soft and fluffy texture of the focaccia perfectly complemented the flavorful herbs, creating a truly satisfying starter.

MISO ROASTED VEGGIES - A Symphony of Flavors:
Next up was the MISO ROASTED VEGGIES, a vibrant dish that showcased the restaurant's creativity.

Zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant, mint, basil, and a piñon vinaigrette came together in harmony, resulting in a medley of textures and tastes that exploded in our mouths. It was refreshing to see such a diverse range of vegetables being celebrated in a single dish.

Vegan Dumplings - A Taste of the East:
Our journey through Horno's vegan offerings continued with a delightful surprise - VEGAN DUMPLINGS. These vegetable dumplings were served in a lemongrass and coconut kaffir broth, accompanied by bok choy and mushrooms, and topped with Szechuan chile oil. The dumplings were perfectly cooked, and the broth added a rich depth of flavor that left us craving more.

The Sweet Finish - Chocolate Tahini Torte:

Just when we thought our culinary adventure couldn't get any better, Horno served us a vegan dessert that truly stole the show. The CHOCOLATE TAHINI TORTE was a revelation. Featuring vegan meringue cookies, strawberry coulis, and almond caramel, this dessert was a decadent masterpiece. The contrast of sweet and tangy flavors was a delightful way to end our meal.

Our experience at Horno in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was nothing short of exceptional. This traditional restaurant may not have been on our vegan radar, but it quickly won us over with its thoughtfully crafted vegan options. From the savory delights of the HORNO FOCACCIA and MISO ROASTED VEGGIES to the flavorful VEGAN DUMPLINGS and the show-stopping CHOCOLATE TAHINI TORTE, Horno proved that vegan dining can be an explosion of flavors and textures.

We can't wait to return to Horno for more culinary adventures, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow traveling vegans exploring the beautiful city of Santa Fe. When you're in town, be sure to visit Horno at the Santa Fe Plaza and savor the exquisite vegan offerings that await you. After all, delicious vegan food is one of life's greatest pleasures, and Horno has truly mastered the art of satisfying plant-based palates.

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95 W Marcy St, Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 303-3469


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