How White Buffalo Vegan Apparel came to be...

Twenty years ago, I embarked on a journey that led to the birth of White Buffalo Vegan Apparel. As a graphic designer, my career began to take shape, but my love for music had been ingrained in me since I was fifteen, when I started playing live, recording, and touring across Europe with various bands, both famous and lesser-known. The intersection of pop culture, rock, fashion, and art ignited a creative fire within me, and when I moved to the USA in 2003, I channeled that passion into digital art. Growing up in France and sailing the world in the French navy as a young boy, I developed a deep admiration for American culture, which is clearly reflected in my designs.

Thirteen years ago, my journey took a compassionate turn as I embraced a vegan lifestyle. It marked the beginning of my activism career in Colorado, where I dedicated my time and skills as a volunteer for animal rights organizations like Vegfest Colorado, Sea Shepherd, Animal Action NETWORK, and VEGAN life Colorado. Through my design and video editing expertise, I supported these organizations while actively participating in weekly protests and vegan awareness events. Branded and tattooed for the Animal Liberation cause, I found a new way to channel my passion for animal welfare, rock music, pop culture, and fashion.

Today, I am thrilled, proud, and excited to unveil my printed work to the world. It is an honor to present my creations as a tangible form of expression. My name is Olivier Renard, also known as FOX, and White Buffalo Vegan Apparel is the culmination of my lifelong dedication to art, music, and the pursuit of a compassionate lifestyle. Join me in spreading the message of love for animals, rock 'n' roll, and the vibrancy of pop culture through my unique designs, proudly worn and shared with the world.